Thank you so much ladies for helping our daughter get the dress of her dreams redone for her wedding. She looked beautiful."


 - Pini Byma


Laila Bridal Studio offered the best service a forgetful bride, slow maid of honor, and a very large groomsman could hope for... To tell the story, my little sister lives in Alaska - when she received her dress it was too big, so she then had it altered by someone else...and they sucked!! Needless to say, Laurie had it done perfectly in like 2 days... My wonderful maid of honor didn't order her dress in time, and we couldn't find pants to fit our 6'7", 500lb groomsman...  Laurie made my bridesmaids dress to match the others and found the perfect color, which I was having a hard time finding considering it was the most perfect peach color ever, meaning it didn't exist.. Laurie mixed two fabric colors in order to make my color... She then made his pants to match the others perfectly and added his requests for belt loops... On top of all that, I forgot about the gifts I was supposed to give to my 3 moms (mom, step, in-law), so I asked Laurie about 5 days before the wedding if she could embroider hankies for them - of course she said yes and they were amazing!! Now to top all of that off she had all of this done for me in I think a month, maybe a month and a half... So I have to shout and yell and scream atop every roof that Laila Bridal Studio and the owner, Laurie Haluska, saved my wedding!! 
Thank you!!!"


- Amanda Hayden-Vandel

Thank you for everything, my dress got so many compliments! Everyone looked great. You do amazing work. Take care and thank you again!!"


- Alyson Buckley Hayunga

Laila Design Studio, Thanks again for providing me with this wonderful dress! It fit perfectly!"


- Nancy Munoz

I am amazed by the incredible experience I had with Laila Bridal Studio! 5-stars!!! I live in the Seattle area, which is always busy and expensive! My fiancé and I are directing our time and resources to those with nothing overseas, so budget was important. I looked at a chain bridal store in the Seattle area, where I was one of 37 brides. Literally. So I crawled off their assembly line and stopped by a bridal consignment store in Seattle. At the door I was told to remove my shoes. The rows were so tight, I could barely get through the racks (I am not a large woman). ALL the dresses were in plastic bags, I wasn’t allowed to even take them off the rack. I needed an appointment, which was not available for weeks. And the prices? Thousands of dollars, each, for a used wedding dress?! I could by a car for the asking price of some of those dresses! Then I wandered over to the charming City of Walla Walla, WA where I found Laila Bridal Studio. It is lovely and spacious. ALL the dresses were easily accessible, and not in plastic. I made an appointment, and came back the next afternoon to try on dresses. At Laila’s, they try to see one bride at at time. To my delight, they locked the door behind me, my mom and sister. We had the whole place to ourselves! Our consultant, Nneka, was angelic! She sweetly asked about styles, and my preferences. Then she told me their price range for their gowns. I braced myself....and? Expecting the range to be between $2,000 - $10,000 based on Seattle pricing, I was stunned to hear their dresses ranged between $800-$1,500. What???! For these incredible dresses?! YES!!! Well, except the sale gowns, some of which were $400. These are beautiful, NEW gowns!!! I selected a few to try, then a few more. Nneka was a saint and beyond patient. Then I found the ONE! Too bad it was 3 sizes too small. Lucky me. Laurie, the owner, creates and designs custom gowns all over the United States and is a renowned seamstress. She looked at the few sizes too small gown on me and assured me it would be easy to alter. Today was my third and final fitting. Not perfectly pleased with the fit, Laurie offered to stay late to ensure my dress fits PERFECTLY, as our wedding is 7 days away. She asked me to come in for one more fitting this evening. Who cares that much??! My dress is now a custom-made gown, complete with embellishments I had them add. And my price WITH alterations?! FRACTION of what I’d pay in Seattle! How?! And they even provided me with free layaway, a much needed budget saver! But more than an unbelievable price, was the kindness, care, and patience they have shown. I rescheduled all three appointments - never a problem for them! Laurie even offered to deliver my dress tonight when she finished. Who does that?! I am beyond touched by these women. They have made my dress buying experience so special! I would NEVER get this TLC in Seattle, and would have paid far, far more. The trips from Seattle were sooo worth it, beautiful scenery, in the heart of wine country, in such a charming community with these incredible women. I am beyond grateful for these amazing women. Thank you!!!

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