Looking for the perfect dress?
We have it or will help you find it!


We treat you as one of our own the minute you walk in the door. We're committed to helping you find the perfect dress, whatever it takes. We feature a wide variety of in-store sample dresses from the most popular wedding dress designers to fit any budget. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll work with you to get it—on time, styled right, and perfectly fitted!


Found a dress you love that isn't "quite it?"
We'll alter it to match your dreams!


Want to wear your grandmother's dress and make it your own?

We'll treat the dress—and you—with the utmost respect and care.

From removing too much “poof” to reshaping a bodice to adding or taking away sleeves, or even reshaping a skirt or neckline in-store designer and master seamstress Laurie Haluska has both the vision and skill to help your wedding dress dreams come true.

You can even have a Custom Gown created! 

The process starts with a complimentary consultation all about your dream dress, Laurie will take notes on color, fabric, silhouette, and view any reference photos you provide. 


Next you review her custom sketch, choose fabrics from swatches and approve the final design. A base dress gets cut and basted together in preparation for your first fitting where we fit it to your body, placing the design lines where you want them, choosing which lace or laces to use and deciding where they will be placed (as in where to put the lace on the bodice, skirt etc.)  This is all done with you in the base dress and facing the mirror so you have total input as to where you want things.


Drawing on her 40-year career in professional costuming for theater, film, television, competition sports, and other special events, Haluska designs from her heart to create clothing that expresses a person's true essence and beauty. In 1999 she launched her bridal collection "Kathryn & Alexandra," creating gowns that bring the creative bride's dreams to life—gowns that express each bride's heart and soul.


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